Individual and couple counseling

Individual Couple

Counseling can help you learn to make better decisions, improve your personal skills, develop increased confidence, and gain a better understanding of your needs and those of others.

Giovanni Benavides LMHC provides individuals with mental health counseling. The on line Video Counseling Service. Simple & Affordable. HIPAA Compliant. All from One Source. Accessible Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Your individualized therapy begins with recommendations for treatment in the is required after the initial evaluation. If it is determined that your needs will be best served by individual treatment, you will be assigned services will be provided to you.

At times, it is problems in relationships that lead to stress and disruption. Couples counseling is an option that is designed to assist couples with their relationship problems. It can be used to gain more insight into each other, to learn new and more effective ways of communication, and to learn how to solve problems.

Relationship problems usually start out small, but over time can become hard to resolve. When all hope seems lost and you long for guidance, turn to the people you can trust. Better yet, come to us when you first sense you could be having a problem… before it becomes a nightmare.

We have counselors who specialize in working with couples. They limit their practice to working with couples who may be just like you.

Giovanni Benavides LMHC offers you proven results. Giovanni has helped hundreds of individuals successfully navigate their mental health  issues, even when no one thought it was possible.

Find happiness in your life faster, see results sooner rather than later through weekly, extended sessions, and 30 minutes to 60 minute weekly sessions.

My clients see results quickly, and are from all around the region due to the work with me.

My counseling services include:

* Anxiety Treatment

* Depression Treatment

* Individual on line counseling

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